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Polyurethane advantages vs. Other materials
 Vs. Metal
          Lower weight
          Reduced mechanical noise
          Better Fit
          Lower manufacturing cost
          Corrosion resistance
One of the advantages of polyurethane over metal, is it's lower specific weight.
Polyurethane fabricated parts are by far, lighter than metal and easier to handle.
This makes for a considerable decrease in weight in the final equipment or machine.
 In addition, metal parts tend to generate more noise than it's polyurethane countertypes which absorb it.
The reduction of noise emission in the work environment, achieved by polyurethane\metal replacement can be dramatic.
Polyurethane parts are eligible for replacing metal parts, since they can easily be casted on less expensive moulds.
Polyurethanes also have high abrasion resistance. For example, in various mining applications, high corrosion solutions cause rapid deterioration in metal components. If these applications combine both high corrosion and abrasion, metal parts life's span are strongly reduced by comparison.

Vs. Plastics

          Not brittle
          Elastomeric memory
          Abrasion resistance

Polyurethane elastomers are ductile when compared to plastic materials.
Many different types of plastics, tend to be susceptible to cracking or breaking on impact or loading, while polyurethane elastomers maintain their impact resistance, even on high shore hardness parts.
Polyurethanes have elastomeric memory, i.e., even if exposed to significant elongation,  high shore hardness parts, rebound back to it's original shape.
Most plastic materials, when subjected to elongation won't recover their original shape, deforming permanently.
Furthermore, plastic materials do not have high abrasion resistance as polyurethanes do.

Vs. Rubber

          Abrasion resistance
          Tear and cut resistance
          Oil resistance
          High load resistance
          Huge shore hardness range
          Blemish resistant, indentation resistant
          Cheaper mould casting
          Ozone resistant
          Microorganism resistant
          High or low hysteresis

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