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Ropico - Indústria Transformadora de Plásticos, Lda - was founded in 1991, is based in Vilar do Pinheiro and carries out its activity in transformation/ fabrication of part components and end products on ;Polyurethane moulded foam; Rigid (PUR/RIM); Flexible - (Cold-Curing- Integral Skin- Elastomeric) and the transformation of thermoplastic materials through injection moulding..

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Our Services


Equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment, as well as technical skills and up to date know-how, Ropico delivers a range of fabricated products from consumer market parts to  intricate/ technical industrial components.

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The company's activity is always based on the element of cooperation with its customers, from R&D comprising mould production, to the end product, in an outsourcing system.


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Our Products


Through successive investments, Ropico has been growing in a sustainable fashion, keeping up with technological advances of our productive means, to ensure end product quality, and our main purpose, assuring continuous client satisfaction.

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Quality Policy

The Quality Management System is implemented in accordance with the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001: 2015


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Ropico is in partnership with Vicodi, a company of the same group.



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